Welcome to St. Mark Festival
Diocese of the Southern United States

**Due to Hurricane Matthew, the Closing Ceremony has been rescheduled to Saturday, November 5th, 2016.
Ceremony time, seat numbers, and colors assigned previously will remain the same**

What is St. Mark Festival?

  • Spiritual Competition among the Coptic Churches: Study Spiritual subjects and get tested on them; as well as competitions in sports, computer, research, etc.
  • Organized by the Bishopric of Youth: Always had competitions, then started St. Mark's Festival to include churches all over Egypt
  • Started in Egypt first
  • Coptic Churches in other countries started participating later
  • The churches in the USA and Canada started participating in 2009
Purpose of the Festival
  • Unity of all the members of the church; all the members of the Coptic Church are doing the same activity all over the world.
  • Spiritual Benefits: Bible Study, Church History, Dogma, Rituals and lives of Saints; as well as learning the Coptic language and church hymns.

This year it has the theme "Taste and See"
    The Festival in the Southern Diocese of the United States

    The following regions participating in the festival:
    • Florida
    • Tennessee / Georgia
    • Texas / Arizona

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